Hello, and Welcome to Fantage Dolphin. We want you guys to have as much fun as you can, but please follow these rules! Thanks :P

1. Please don't cuss. (except for hell, ass, and damn)
2. No advertising for blogs, or Fantage related websites.
3. Only use caps for excitment.
4. No swearing
4. Never ask to be a moderator, or owner.
5. Do not argue with Main Owners (Catherine and Reem)
6. No trading Fantage Accounts (It isn't safe)
7. Don't threaten, harass, tease, or bully other people.
8. U can argue, but please don't cause overloaded drama.
9. No spamming. (Pointless messages)
10. Owners and Co Owners- Don't make people into moderators without asking a Main Owner
11. Owners and Co- Owners- No banning forever without asking a Main Owner
12. Owners and Co-Owners- Do not de-mod anyone without asking a Main Owner
13. No banning people for no reason
14. Never ask to be a higher pawn.

If you follow these rules, you surely will become a higher pawn!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hey guys! Cathy here! Anyways..I'm like reallyy excited! Were getting more and more people! Now, I know like 5/10 of you guys are advertising for along time...I truly understand how much alot of you guys want the acception of being a moderator. I see alot of you guys working hard to get it, and if you wonder why we don't make u a mod yet....it's because we only make people moderators when they follow all the rules, come on alot, is nice to moderators and owners, and more of all...Advertise for us alot. We are trying to make the blog more fun...but we have a bunch of long tests coming up...like up to 200 questions. So like....Take a chill pill...we will get more people soon!

Sorry if this post is long.....but it is important.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Start advertising!

Hey Dolphians!

I just wanted to say something really important that ALL of you guys should know. We really need to advertise to get the blog going! For those of u who don't know what to say..it's "SEARCH FANTAGE DOLPHIN THIRD ONE". Advertise it in a way where they can see it, because what happens is most of you guys advertise...but it doesn't show. So yeah! If we get up to more than 15 people...we will have a party!

Ur girl, Cathyy :D

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just a little warm up!

Hai peoples :D It's meh!!! Cathy! I'm a main owner....just in-case you didnt know who I am. I go on Cheese, Bloggers, and Dolphin! U can find me on any 3, but mostly...here! ily dolphins! stay with us foreverrrrr!